I saw it coming nearly 6 years ago when I became ill and realized that cannabis was truly a medicine. 

Since then, I have dedicated my life to the end of cannabis prohibition and the end is here. 

This is the home for me to share my thoughts, my dreams and my hopes for a new world of personal empowerment and open minds. 

I am a nerd that helped end cannabis prohibition!

When I realized that cannabis was truly a medicine, I knew that cannabis prohibition was a math problem.  Taxation, diversion control and patient passion were all that was needed to show the governments this was a battle they could not win.  

That is a job for a computer program and that is what I know how to do.  I helped build the leading POS, compliance and inventory control system for medical marijuana.  It will be the forth  computer system I have been involved with that has done over $1B in transactions.   

I am very proud of the role this platform has played in ending cannabis prohibition and this is my story on how that happened. 

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